Things To Know About Responsive Web Design

People today make use of smartphones for accessing the Internet. Thus there is a need to design websites that look good in various devices like laptops, tabs, and mobiles. The web layout of your websites must fit the exact screen size of different devices. Developing mobile-friendly websites is important in recent years. Responsive website design mainly aims in offering a better user experience to website users. It is true that responsive web designs come with a lot of benefits and pitfalls. Check here in detail about responsive web design. You can find Full List Here on the pros and cons of responsive web design.

Responsive Web Design-Definition
Responsive web design is defined as the web pages designed for the desktop view which fits the web browser view of various other devices. Thus providing the same support for the same website irrespective of the device. Responsive web design can be achieved by the following steps.

  1. Specifying different CSS styles for the website display
  2. The use of percentage values for the full grid, images, and videos. This makes adjustments easy.

Benefits of Responsive Web Design

The following are the reasons for the popularity of responsive websites.

Enhanced User Experience: The user experience of a website can be improved with responsive web design. A friendly web interface is developed with responsive web design. Thus the responsive design mainly aims in developing a mobile-friendly website.

Saves Money: Responsive web design helps in reducing the design cost of developing a separate website design based on various devices. There is a need to develop a design rendering of two sets and developing a responsive web interface for laptop, desktop, and mobile. With respect to front end development, three different CSS styles need to be developed. Responsive web design helps in reducing the maintenance cost.

Includes Search Engine Optimization: It is said that responsive web design helps in developing a website that is SEO friendly. Thus your website is equipped with various SEO features. Responsive web design shares the links of social sharing. Search engines also offer priority to websites with responsive

Pitfalls Of Responsive Web Design

The common downfalls of responsive website design are listed below.

Compatibility Issues: When users make use of older versions of web browsers the responsive web pages do not open in it. Thus users suffer from compatibility problems with responsive web design.

Long Load Time: Responsive websites take quite a time for getting loaded. This might affect downloading speed.
Increases Web development Time; It is, of course, time-consuming when web developers try to convert an existing website into a responsive website.

Affects The Web Layout: The website layout is greatly influenced by the responsive website design. Designers find it difficult to control the design style of a responsive website.
Thus it is important that website owners look for professional design agencies that pursue high-quality responsive web design.

The above are the benefits and drawbacks of responsive web design that website owners must be aware of.

The SEO Trends For 2020: Get To Know Them

With online competition steadily growing and new websites being launched, has been rethinking content marketing strategies. Revaluating SEO and marketing strategies is critical because more than ever, websites need to adhere to the set requirements of search engines. To rethink, you must be aware of the upcoming trends. This article dives into 3 top SEO trends for 2020; you can find some More Here.

  • Strategize For Voice Search

Till now, to answer a query, a user typed in words into a search engine. It resulted in keywords. With the birth of smartphones and other mobile gadgets, the trend has changed to voice searches. Instead of typing, an internet user speaks to the device. The devices range from phones to home voice assistants like Voice Pod and Amazon Echo.

The way people speak and the way people write is very different. It is why SEO strategies now need to include optimizing a site for voice searches. A website that contains conversational content increases their chances of organic traffic.

  • Collaborate With Online Influencers

Internet users got tired of ads intruding while they browsed content. So, they ignored ads and began looking for information from people they trusted. This behaviour gave rise to online influencers. Today, people are far more likely to believe and engage with an authentic influencer they respect than a celebrity. To leverage the power and hold of influencers, marketers and businesses are investing immensely in influencer marketing.

How do influencers help in SEO? First, collaborating with a social media influencer, amplifies the reach of your content, which generates more traffic Second, influencers aid in building backlinks, one of the critical factors for increasing the ranking of a web page.

  • Optimise For Snippets

In order to enhance the user experience, Google has started delivering Featured Snippets. These snippets appear on top of the leading organic result. Since the snippet is above the No.1 results, it is called as Position 0. Currently, more than 54% of clicks on Google come from Featured Snippets, implying that they result in over half of search engine clicks.

Featured Snippets are the golden goose for you because they can increase the traffic to your site or blog, even though you are not the first result on a Google search.

How do you take advantage of Featured Snippets? Try giving clear-cut answers to frequently asked questions in your niche area. Google uses a specific method to evaluate and boost Featured Snippets. Therefore, focus on quality content to get your website to Position 0.

In Conclusions:
SEO strategies are essential for every business in the present scenario. They need to include more than keywords and look towards optimizing content for users because Google bases its algorithm on how users behave. Start utilizing the SEO tactics explained here and then look for even more. If you want to generate more traffic in the coming year, you need to be on top of these SEO trends for 2020!